MRT Consultants

Unleashing Excellence in Luxury

Welcome to MRT Consultants, the pinnacle of luxury consultancy. We are not just consultants; we are architects of excellence, partnering with the elite echelons of global business – from The Ritz-Carlton to Porsche, Mandarin Oriental to Mercedes-Benz, and Rosewood to UBS. Our collaboration with global players and organizations underlines our commitment to transcending the ordinary. We don’t just advise; we transform.

At MRT, our ethos is built on a foundation of five pillars: Cultivating a Winning Culture, Unleashing Luxury, Championing Service Excellence, Igniting Leadership, and Harmonizing Teams.

‘One Size Fits One’ solutions, dynamic events, and transformational keynotes are not just services; they are experiences that redefine the essence of luxury and leadership through the power of storytelling and pragmatic experiences.

The visionary behind our success, Melkart Rouhana, stands as a colossus in the realms of luxury, culture, leadership, and customer experience. Lauded as “The Pope of Leadership and Culture” by St Gallen University and revered as “The Rock Star of Customer Service” by executives at Porsche, Melkart’s influence extends beyond accolades. He is celebrated as “The Engagement Magician” and “Luxury Maestro” in elite hospitality circles.

MRT Consultants is more than a consultancy; we are your partners in metamorphosis. Whether it’s transforming organizational cultures, curating bespoke leadership workshops, or elevating customer experiences, our mission is to unlock the zenith of potential within your team and organization. Together, we will not just create change; we will set new paradigms of excellence.

Embrace the journey with MRT Consultants – where change is not just promised, it’s delivered with unparalleled luxury and innovation.



Melkart Rouhana

Best-selling author of “Greatness is NOWHERE: Three Principles to Jazz up Your Culture, Pep up Your People, and Spice up Your Customer Experience”. With his unshakable, pragmatic leadership and unparalleled expertise in culture, luxury, leadership, and the experience economy, Melkart is the go-to expert for organizations looking to make sustainable change and finish strong. As the Chief Engagement Officer of MRT Consultants, Melkart has earned accolades from top institutions around the globe, including St Gallen University, who dubbed him “The Pope of Customer Experience”, and Porsche executives, who called him “The Rock Star of Customer Service” and the “Maestro of Luxury”. He’s even been referred to as “The Engagement Magician” by top hoteliers.

Melkart’s “one-size-fits-one” learning and thinking solutions enable talent-based teams and organizations to shift toward greatness, and his philosophy has been recognized as foundational to the success of some of the world’s most celebrated companies and institutions, including leading luxury brands, global hotel chains, and prestigious organizations.

A former corporate director of global learning at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and corporate head of learning and development for Emaar Hospitality Group and Armani Hotels and Resorts, Melkart now coaches on the Executive MBA Program of London Business School, and Executive Education Programs of HEC Paris and St Gallen University.

MRT Ideology & Culture

Purpose: Enabling Greatness… Everywhere

At MRT Consultants, our heartbeat is “Enabling Greatness…Everywhere.” This isn’t just a ‘WHY’; it’s our soul in action. We see greatness in everyone and strive to awaken it in every individual, team, and organization. Imagine harnessing this power of greatness to scale new heights of potential, inspiration, and results. We don’t just believe in greatness; we activate it.

Values: A Symphony of Unconventionality

  • Transformation Begins with Motion: Just like a potter shapes clay, we shape mindsets. Our actions are driven by a relentless pursuit to unlock potential and legacy. We move, we change, we transform.
  • ‘WHATif’, ‘WHY?’, & ‘HOW to!’: In our quest for growth, we constantly question, reimagine, and innovate. We’re not just partners; we’re co-creators in a journey of shared ideas, technologies, and talents.
  • If They ZIG, We ZAG: Conformity isn’t in our DNA. We thrive on change, break barriers, and embrace the unconventional with zest. Our path is the one less traveled, filled with creativity, agility, and groundbreaking insights.
  • Beyond 99.9%: Pursuit of the Extraordinary: Settling for ‘almost perfect’ isn’t our style. We strive for 100% in everything we do, ensuring that every effort is impactful, quality-driven, and soulfully engaging. We don’t just deliver; we enchant.

Welcome to MRT Consultants, where our culture is not just written in words, but lived in every action. It’s playful, powerful, and poised to make a difference.

MRT Services

Welcome to the Art of Tailored Brilliance with SPARKS

At MRT Consultants, we don’t just offer services; we craft exceptional experiences. Our luxury boutique consultancy, built on the ‘one size fits one’ philosophy, ensures each solution is as unique as our clients.

With our S,P,A,R,K,S methodology, we bring unmatched brilliance in five key areas:

  • Spicing Up Your Culture: Craft a winning culture and/or boost the culture of your organization to craft a mindset that will enable your team to optimize their work environment and services, activating greatness at every level.
  • Personalized Leadership Workshops: These aren’t just workshops; they’re leadership catalysts. We equip leaders with tools to magnify their presence and influence, turning leadership into a beacon of greatness.
  • Artisanal Team Bonding: Move beyond traditional team building. Embark on a journey that leverages strengths and vulnerabilities, creating strategy with a soul to rejuvenate team spirit and optimize your organization.
  • Refining the Guest Experience: Elevate guest interactions to an art form. Our approach revolutionizes connections, blending insight with imagination to redefine engagement.
  • Kaleidoscopic Luxury Unleashing: Dive into a world where luxury is redefined. From tangible offerings to intangible charisma, we unlock new dimensions in luxury.
  • Stellar Keynote Experiences: Experience keynotes like never before – motivational, inspirational, and entirely customized. We light up events and teams with messages that resonate and inspire.

Crafting Magic, One Client at a Time

Our commitment to exclusivity and depth is what makes us unique. We don’t recycle presentations or workshops. Each project is a deep dive into your culture and goals, crafting journeys that resonate with who you are at the core.

At MRT, we carefully select our projects, working only on a limited number each year through exclusive referrals. This focus ensures every client receives our undivided attention, with services that reflect their true identity. With MRT, you don’t just get a service; you get a masterpiece meticulously woven into your organization’s fabric.